Grant Recipients

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  • Year of Grant: 2014
  • Grant Award: $100,000
  • Grant Category: Education
  • order Finpecia no prescription

  • Horton’s Kids’ mission is to educate and empower the children of Washington, DC's Ward 8 by providing comprehensive, direct services that improve the quality of their daily lives and nurture their desire and ability to succeed.

    The Many Hands grant supported specific, time-sensitive initiatives. With the grant, Horton’s Kids aimed to align its programs to the DC adopted Common Core of State Standards, hire professional educators to train staff, expand its library for the children at the Community Resource Center, and ensure that Horton’s Kids participants have access to more technology resources at tutoring.

    order Finpecia online no prescription on the impact of the Many Hands gift!

    Hortons Kids
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    buy Finpecia online