We invite all Many Hands members–including members from 2020-21–to take part in a three-part learning series on racism and racial equity led by Conditioning Leaders consultants Brianna Boggs and Cheryl Harris.

“Head, Heart, and Hands” is foundational to our efforts to build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization and to support racial equity through our grantmaking. The design of the series is rooted in the belief that meaningful conversations about racial equity begin with an understanding of key terms and definitions, an exploration of the deeply entrenched systems of oppression that have enabled racial inequities to persist for generations, and personal reflections about our own racial identities and our roles in perpetuating or undoing those systems of oppression.

This series will engage and connect us on many levels. Through large and small group discussions, videos, and self-reflection, we will learn together and, even more important, make meaning together–about what racial equity work means to Many Hands and how it might be expressed in our work. Unlike other learning programs in which you may have participated, the primary goal is not to receive new information, but to process critical information as a community, so that together we can decide how we want to move forward.

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all three sessions:

Session 1: Thursday, October 28 – Foundations

The way race plays out in our work and communities isn’t just a modern phenomenon. Its deep roots are in our national history and in the messages we’ve received all our lives about the meaning of race. In this first session, we’ll start with our heads – exploring those early messages and building a foundation for our series with history, core concepts, and shared definitions.

Session 2: Thursday, November 4 – Boldly Leading

How do we disrupt old, harmful patterns in ourselves, our relationships, and our organizations? The key is in understanding the kind of challenge we face. Our willingness to build new skills and new ways of thinking to meet the challenge will make or break us. In our second session, we’ll engage both heart and hands as we explore implicit bias, inquiry, advocacy, and adaptive and inclusive leadership skills.

Session 3: Thursday, December 2 – The Way Forward

How will you carry forward your inspired ideas and commitments? We each have an important role to play, and so in our last session, we’ll focus on our hands – the way we carry our values into the world. We’ll identify allies, accountability partners, and helpful tools and resources, then create a personal action plan that motivates and sustains you.

We hope that after participating in these interactive sessions, members will feel encouraged and empowered to learn more about racism and to apply their learning in their grantmaking and their daily lives. We also hope this shared experience will build stronger connections among fellow members.

When: Thursday, October 28; Thursday, November 4; Thursday, December 2; all sessions take place from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Where: On Zoom

Who: The learning series is open to Many Hands members during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 grant cycles.

Questions? Please contact Mary Kwak at president@manyhandsdc.org.

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Past Events

2022 Grant Cycle

Tuesday, October 19 – Applicant Webinar – Review of the grant process and Q&A with prospective applicants

Wednesday, October 13 – Meet & Greet for new and prospective members – Cleveland Park, DC

Wednesday, October 6 – Meet & Greet for new and prospective members – Zoom meeting

Tuesday, September 28 – 2022 Grant Cycle Member Kickoff – Zoom webinar with Paty Funegra (La Cocina VA, 2021 Partner Grantee) and Brett Meyers (Nourish Now, 2020 Impact Grantee)

2021 Grant Cycle

Thursday, May 13 – Annual Meeting – Zoom webinar with presentations by the four finalists for the 2021 Impact Grant and audience Q&A

Tuesday, April 27 – Participatory Grantmaking– Zoom conversation with Rubie Coles (Diverse City Fund) sponsored by the DMV Collective Giving Network

Thursday, April 22 – Pregnant Girl – Zoom conversation with author Nicole Lynn Lewis (Generation Hope, 2020 Partner Grantee)

Tuesday, March 9 – Member Book Club – Zoom discussion of $2 a Day by Kathryn Edin and Luke Shaefer and Maid by Stephanie Land

Tuesday, March 2 – Trust-Based Philanthropy – Zoom workshop with Shaady Selahi (Trust-Based Philanthropy Project) sponsored by the DMV Collective Giving Network

Thursday, February 25 – Member Coffee & Conversation – Zoom meeting with Nan Monday, Alejandra Carrera, and Heather Lynskey (Homestretch, 2020 Partner Grantee)

Sunday, January 10 – Member Coffee & Conversation – Zoom meeting with Grants Committee chair Kathryn Zecca and Focus Area Committee co-chairs

Tuesday, December 8 – Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Philanthropy – Zoom meeting with Melissa Sines (PEAK Grantmaking) sponsored by the DMV Collective Giving Network

Tuesday, December 1 – Philanthropy, Power, and Impact: A Conversation with Tamara Lucas Copeland and Kathy Kretman – Zoom webinar

Tuesday, November 17 – Member Coffee & Conversation – Zoom meeting with Tammi Houton (Nourish Now, 2020 Impact Grantee)

Thursday, November 12 – DC’s Maternal Mortality Crisis – Zoom meeting with Andria Cornell (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs) and Ebony Marcelle (Community of Hope DC, 2008 Partner Grantee)

Thursday, October 15 – 2021 Grant Cycle Member Kickoff – Zoom meeting with Kris Thompson (Calvary Women’s Services, 2020/2012 Partner Grantee) and Kenneth Ward (College Bound, 2012 Impact Grantee)