Many Hands gives a boost to dynamic grassroots organizations, while drawing together groups of women from diverse walks of life across the DC metro area. I joined Many Hands to support this exciting “alliance” of women.

Lydia Micheaux Marshall, Many Hands member since 2013

I benefited enormously from working on the Job Readiness Committee, where I got a front row view into the work of so many impressive DC area nonprofits. All the women are super committed to thinking critically about how to maximize the impact we have. A great experience overall.

Emily Roesing, Many Hands member since 2018

My participation in Many Hands is both enjoyable and fulfilling. I feel good by doing good, which is, of course, Many Hands’ purpose. In addition, it is fun getting to know my fellow committee members—while the committee work vetting so many worthwhile non-profits is intellectually engaging and emotionally gratifying. So, what’s not to like? 

Rochelle Stanfield, Many Hands member since 2012

Being part of a larger collective movement of women with an aim to make change in the lives of women, children, and families is inspiring. The chosen organizations have the potential to be life-altering for so many. Knowing the work we do makes a difference motivates me to want to do more. I’m so very proud to be a member!

Mika Bellamy, Many Hands member since 2018

Many Hands has been a perfect fit for me. As a feminist and activist, I was looking for a way to make a difference in my community. Through Many Hands, I not only contribute financially but also, equally important, have the opportunity to evaluate firsthand the many local organizations that are transforming the lives of women and children. And finally, I have met amazing Many Hands women who are now my friends.

Joanne Howes, Many Hands member since 2015

It is critical to be aware of the issues that the underserved face, especially in your own community. Many Hands allows me to better understand their plight and gives me a voice in allowing me to choose which nonprofits best deserve the chance to further their mission.

Deepika Prasad, Many Hands member since 2015

I admire the Board and members of Many Hands because they have chosen to jump into the fray to help. Through their outreach and fundraising, they are not only supporting area nonprofits, but more important, they are awakening people to the realities of what is going on in our region.

Perry Hooks, Many Hands member since 2004

Women Joining Together

Many Hands is committed to being the most meaningful vehicle for giving in our members’ lives. By leveraging the power of collective giving, we multiply the impact of our members’ gifts. Equally important, Many Hands members become well-informed donors by participating in our grant review process and educational events. By working with a diverse group of passionate, dedicated women, they receive a unique education in local needs and nonprofit strategies and become more engaged members of our community.

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Grants that Make a Difference

Since 2004, Many Hands has granted more than $1.9 million to nonprofit organizations working in economic empowerment (formerly job readiness), education, health, and housing to support women, children, and families in socioeconomic need in the greater Washington region. We combine contributions from hundreds of women each year to make large-scale grants that have a powerful impact on our grantees and the people they serve. 

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Because of you, women are getting jobs, learning new skills, improving their health, achieving financial stability, and ending their homelessness for good.

With the grant of $100,000 from Many Hands, College Bound for the very first time was able to support our alumni to and through college completion.

Thanks to the amazing women at Many Hands for standing with Friends of Guest House to give our women returning from incarceration a better start.

With your $100,000 grant, you have chosen to confront and elevate the issue of child sexual abuse in our community. This grant is bold, courageous, and impactful.

Many Hands’ investment in our work means we have a small army of committed, connected, and caring women who are rooting for us, helping us, and sharing our work far and wide.

Reach simply wouldn’t be where it is today without the extraordinarily generous support we received from the Many Hands community.

Support from Many Hands is truly transformative for Access Youth. Because of this grant, Access Youth is launching our peer mediation programming as part of our four-year model of student support.

Let’s make a difference together

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