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Many Hands Presents 2018 $100,000 Grantee with Award

On May 30 in Alexandria, Virginia, Many Hands presented a check to its 2018 $100,000 grantee, Friends of Guest House. [caption id="attachment_3222" align="alignnone" width="604"] Many Hands board members present a check to its 2018 $100,000 grantee, Friends of Guest House.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3221" align="alignnone" width="604"] Many Hands board members present a check to its 2018 $100,000 grantee,…
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2016 Grantee, Homestretch, Helps Local Man Rebound After Loss

Anytime Seymour witnessed the dilemmas that pulled other families apart, he vowed that it wouldn’t happen to his family. “Then when it did, it was like the floor completely dropped out from under me,” he said. Seymour lost his job, then his house, and then, worst of all, his son. Homestretch, a Falls Church, Va., charity that is a partner with The Washington Post Helping Hand, helped him pull his life back together.

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A Spotlight on DC’s Housing Challenges

The Many Hands board is grateful to those who attended the Educational Forum on Housing earlier this week. Our thanks to Many Hands member, Molly Peter, and her colleagues at Compass for opening their office space to us and for donating the delicious appetizers. We were so fortunate to have two distinguished speakers: Phyllis Caldwell,…
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Housing Bias and the Roots of Segregation

In 1976, Chicago provided vouchers to African-American families to move into predominantly white suburbs. Retro Report examines what happened, and how it influences policy today.

Should your ZIP code determine your future? Not according to American ideals of social mobility. American realities, however, tell a different story: Where people grow up goes a long way toward shaping how well they will be educated, how stable their families will be, how high their dreams can soar....

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Clyde Haberman, The New York Times