This week, the four Focus Area Committees (FACs)—Economic Empowerment, Education, Health, and Housing—began reviewing grant applications for the first time since the adoption of Many Hands’ strategic plan, Sustaining Impact: 2022–2025. The strategic plan commits Many Hands to balance responsible stewardship of contributed funds with best practices in trust-based philanthropy. As part of this commitment, we are now making all grants in the form of unrestricted funding, also known as general support.

What does this mean for application review at Many Hands? As articulated by the Grants Committee, providing unrestricted funding:

  • Increases focus on organizations with a mission to meet important needs for women, children, and families in socioeconomic need.
  • Decreases focus on programs or projects conducted by organizations with a mission that doesn’t fully align with our priorities.
  • Does not change focus on sound finances, good governance, a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and evidence that applicants know their work and the people they serve well.

To see the full guidance shared with FACs, click here.

With this these considerations in mind, each Focus Area Committee will carefully consider applicant materials, conduct a limited number of site visits, and ultimately, select one grantee, to be announced in May. Following the Annual Meeting and the membership vote, one organization will receive the 2023 Impact Grant of $100,000, and three will receive Partner Grants, which are projected to be at least $50,000 each.

As always, we will continue raising funds until the year’s grants are made. If you’d like to help grow the grant pool and select the 2023 Impact Grantee, click here to learn more about Many Hands membership or email us at