Our grant process opens in the fall, when we invite area nonprofit organizations to apply for a Many Hands grant. Once the submission period has closed, we pass all qualifying applications on to our Focus Area Committees, which are open to all members.

The Focus Area Committees–Economic Empowerment (formerly Job Readiness), Education, Health, and Housing–meet half a dozen times from January to April to review grant applications. After discussing all the applications, they conduct site visits, typically at five to eight organizations. They then choose their semifinalists and, following a more extensive financial review, one finalist per committee. 

The four finalists are invited to make a presentation to the Many Hands membership in May. After members cast their ballots, the Many Hands $100,000 Impact Grant is awarded to the organization with the highest number of votes. Each of the other finalist organizations receives a Many Hands Partner Grant, the value of which is determined by the total amount raised in membership contributions during the year. 

Partner Grant recipients must sit out one grant cycle before applying again for a Many Hands grant. Impact Grant recipients are no longer eligible to apply. However, we maintain strong relationships with our grantees, which include collaboration on education events and in highlighting critical issues across our region.