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Anytime Seymour witnessed the dilemmas that pulled other families apart, he vowed that it wouldn’t happen to his family. “Then when it did, it was like the floor completely dropped out from under me,” he said. Seymour lost his job, then his house, and then, worst of all, his son. Homestretch, a Falls Church, Va., charity that is a partner with The Washington Post Helping Hand, helped him pull his life back together.

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Reach Incorporated teen tutor authors celebrate the release of four new books at the Book Release Party on November 17. Several Many Hands Board and committee members attended this event. The teen authors of Reach Incorporated are diversifying children's literature one story at a time.
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Many Hands board members, Leslie Lawley and Noni Lindahl, celebrate College Bound’s 25th Anniversary with Executive Director Kenneth Ward and College Bound alum Kevohn McCormick at the Supreme Court in November.  College Bound received the $100,000 Many Hands grant in 2014. College Bound was also featured on ABC news in September 2016 to mark its…
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