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Why Losing a Home Means Losing Everything

First, the kitchen sink stopped up. And when that happened, Doreen's family began washing dishes in the bathtub. Then food scraps clogged the tub, too, which meant that everyone had to bathe with water boiled in the kitchen that they flushed down the toilet. Then the toilet quit working, too. Doreen, one of the impoverished Milwaukee tenants in sociologist…
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America’s Insidious Eviction Problem

An eviction can be extremely unsettling, with a family's most personal effects—clothes, furniture, children’s toys—piled on street corners or hastily packed into trucks or cars. But while spectators may soon forget the disturbing scene, an eviction can haunt a tenant, and their family, for years: The psychological, legal, and financial damage inflicted by the process…
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Why Blacks and Hispanics Have Such Expensive Mortgages

Despite the housing bust and its lasting implications, owning a home nevertheless remains one of the most common ways for American families to build wealth—white families, predominantly. The homeownership rates of black and Hispanic Americans lag dramatically behind that of white Americans. These minority groups are much less likely to purchase a home, and if…
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