At the heart of Many Hands is a community of passionate, informed, engaged women who care deeply about our region. Through our spirited discussions and on-site meetings with nonprofit leaders, I learned more about housing, homelessness, and nonprofit effectiveness in four months than in ten years of following the news.

Mary K., Many Hands Donor and Committee Member

Thank you, Many Hands, for expanding Safe Shores' capacity to face down the scourge of child sexual abuse. With your $100,000 grant, you have chosen to confront and elevate the issue of child sexual abuse in our community. This grant is bold, courageous, and impactful on multiple levels!

Michele Booth Cole, Executive Director, Safe Shores (2017 Grantee)

The grant from Many Hands will allow Reach to grow the number of youth served by almost 75 participants. We will also publish four new, teen-authored books and seed a scholarship fund for our teen tutors. This is a game changer for the young people we serve.

Mark Hecker, Executive Director, Reach Incorporated (2016 Grantee)

The Many Hands grant has been instrumental in helping us to prepare for the quickly approaching start of tutoring. New computers, tablets and other technology have arrived and one of our students, Amonte — a 4th grader who had the day off from school — was thrilled to help us test the new technology.  Thank you, Many Hands!

Kristen Frontiera - Grants Manager, Horton’s Kids (2014 grantee)

The investment that Many Hands made is allowing us to go to the next level - it's so amazing how our program has changed.  I smile every time I talk with students and parents about us supporting them to degree completion.

Kenneth A. Ward - CEO, College Bound (2012 grantee)

Many Hands opened my eyes to the challenges of our community, and at the same time, exposed me to many kinds of committed nonprofits. I am touched and inspired by the extraordinary people running these organizations. They are devoted and compassionate individuals who are addressing difficult issues. Thank you Many Hands!

Melinda B. - Donor and Committee Member

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about the $100,000 grant A Wider Circle received from Many Hands in 2010. When we got the news that I had been selected as a 2014 CNN Hero, I immediately thought back to the moment when the members of Many Hands voted to invest their resources in A Wider Circle. That transformative grant came at a critical time in the life of our organization and at the height of the economic crisis. It inspired donations from other individuals and funders and allowed us to expand our reach beyond the families we were serving at the time.

Mark Bergel, Ph.D. - Founder & Executive Director, A Wider Circle (2010 grantee)

With the Many Hands grant, Our Place, DC was able to open a safe haven, named Camille's Place, to HIV positive and homeless women upon their release from prison. Our dream became a reality. It would truly not have been possible without the support from Many Hands.

Susan Galbraith - Founder, Our Place, DC (2004 grantee)