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Did you know Many Hands also extends grants to DC metro areas, including Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland? Join us at the home of a Many Hands member in Arlington, VA to learn how to get involved. Hear guest speaker Professor Margaret K. O’Bryon, Executive Director, Policy Innovation Lab at the McCourt School of Public Policy,…
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The Many Hands board members are grateful to everyone who attended our October 20th kickoff reception for the 2017 grantmaking cycle. It was wonderful to see many past members along with new faces join together to hear from two outstanding past grantees, Jenn Barton of Horton’s Kids and Mark Hecker from Reach, Inc. Jenn and Mark told…
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The call for 2017 grant applications is now open! If you are interested in applying for a Many Hands grant, please visit the "Apply for Grant" page to review grantee requirements and submit an online application (Letter of Intent). If you have any questions or problems with your submission, please email
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