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Nueva Vida Highlighted in Avon Breast Health Outreach E-Newsletter

For Avon Representatives, caring about women's issues goes beyond cosmetics. Avon is the company for women and known for its continued commitment in the improvement of women's health as much as it is for the enhancement of their outward appearance. As such, Avon Representatives teamed up with Nueva Vida, a non-profit organization and Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Grantee, to empower Latinas in the fight against breast cancer.

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Donors Lend a Hand at 2016 Grant Recipient, D.C. Diaper Bank

By working on a committee, Many Hands donors learn first-hand about the needs in our community and often support these organizations on their own. Recently, this group of donors volunteered at one of our 2016 finalist organizations, DC Diaper Bank, and packaged over 10,000 diapers for families in need.
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Higher Minimum Wages Are Good for Newborn Health

In the U.S., the debate around the minimum wage does not lack controversy, but it does lack up-to-date research. Academic studies on the effects of raising hourly pay—especially to $15, which has become something of a magic number for progressive cities and states—have not kept pace with the whirlwind movement. And relatively little research has…
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