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Join us on October 19 for the kick-off meeting of the 2018 grant cycle. Mingle with women who, like you, want to make a difference in our community. Hear Michele Booth Cole, Executive Director of Safe Shores, reflect on how the 2017 Many Hands $100,000 grant is helping to face down the scourge of child sexual…
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On Wednesday, April 26th, 50 Many Hands donors and friends gathered at Georgetown University for our second Donor Education Forum, “Understanding Health Challenges for DC-area Women and Children.” Longtime Many Hands supporter and Health Committee member, Tricia Neuman, moderated an engaging panel discussion with Dr. Stephen Teach, Chair of Pediatrics at Children’s National Health System,…
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Many Hands DC is proudly hosting a Spring Educational Forum to highlight health challenges for DC area women and children. The event will be held on April 26 at Georgetown University. All are welcome. Please email if you would like to attend or receive additional details.

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