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Ana is a founding member of Many Hands; she is a native Washingtonian who has worked in commercial real estate finance and investment banking at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston. She has co-chaired three Many Hands sub-committees during her time as a board member and is responsible for the organization's finances.

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Melissa is a regulatory attorney in the United States Federal Government. For more than a decade she has worked to help assure the security of retirement, health and other workplace related benefits of America’s workers and their families. Melissa serves the community as an active volunteer and parent representative. She resides with her family in McLean, Virginia.

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Tracy is a seasoned marketing professional with experience in ecommerce and consumer marketing programs. She has worked at American Airlines, Coopers & Lybrand LLP, USAirways and Marriott International. A native of Connecticut, Tracy is an active community and school volunteer.

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For over 20 years, Wendy was a Senior Associate with the Center for the Support of Families where she worked with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and many states on numerous projects including business process improvement; strategic planning, performance measurement; training; meeting facilitation; development of outreach materials; technical assistance; and program assessment. Prior to rejoining CSF in 2005, Wendy was the first Executive Director of the Center for Mental Health Outreach at Georgetown University Hospital.

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Ellen had a 25-year career in fundraising and development. She was co-chair of the Next Generation Committee for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  At Georgetown Day School, she was Special Events Coordinator and a Senior Development Associate, helping to raise $30 million for GDS's new High School building.

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Leslie is a founding member of Many Hands. She is an attorney who worked at Hogan & Hartson, primarily for clients in the health care field. Leslie has been actively engaged in her daughters' schools and has served as the chair of many book fairs, auctions and other fundraising and community building efforts. She served as the President of the Holton-Arms board of trustees where she was involved in strategic planning, financial oversight and fundraising. Leslie has also served on the board of the Noyes Children's Library Foundation.

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Jill is an award winning network television news and documentary producer.  Her work has appeared on PBS, CBS News, ABC News and the Smithsonian Channel.  She is the recipient of many awards, including a Casey Medal for coverage of women and families and a National Press Club Award.  Much of her journalism has focused on non-profit innovators who help the neediest members of our communities.  She also serves on the board of the Levine School of Music.

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Anna Gunnarsson Pfeiffer graduated from Duke in 1977 with a major in Economics. She then earned an MBA in Marketing from the George Washington University. Upon graduation from G.W., she built a career in Sales and Marketing with AT&T. Over the past twenty years, she has served on the Boards of various local and national not-for-profit organizations such as The National Symphony Orchestra, The Washington National Opera, The Parents Council of Washington, Duke University, the Holton-Arms School and the St. Francis Episcopal Day School. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Women’s Board of The Washington National Opera and the Co-Chair of the regional DukeDC Board in addition to serving on the national Duke Alumni Association Board. During her eleven years on the Board of the NSO, she served as the Chairman of the Special Events Committee and was an active member of the Community Outreach and Education Committees. After serving as a member of three of the Many Hands grants committees, she joined the Board of Many Hands in 2017.

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Kim is the director responsible for the finances and tax compliance for a small IP boutique law firm in Potomac, Maryland. She is an active participant in a Washington DC region youth social entrepreneurship non-profit, as a parent and informal advisor. She also supports two local STEM educational non-profits and Rice 360 Institute for Global Health, whose mission is to mentor undergraduates to design inexpensive, life-saving medical devices to reduce infant mortality in Malawi. Kim is a former refugee. She holds a degree in electrical engineering.

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Tara worked as a corporate and securities attorney at the Washington, D.C. law firm Shaw Pittman (Pillsbury Winthrop), specializing in public and private equity work. Tara has been an active volunteer at Norwood School for the last ten years, holding a variety of positions, including Co-Chair of the 2009 Annual Benefit. She is in her 5th year of service on the Board of Trustees at Norwood and in that capacity has served as chair of the Trustees Committee of the Board, chair of the Search Committee of the Board during 2013-2014, which culminated in the appointment of a new Head of School, and currently serves as chair of the Development Committee of the Norwood Board. Tara also serves as the Vice President of the Board of the Kenwood Citizens Association, a civic organization in her neighborhood. She enjoys volunteering on the Interfaith Committee at Washington Hebrew Congregation in Washington, DC.

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​Sydney Bath*
Susie Berenson*
Regina Hall*
Noni Lindahl
Betsy Marmet*
Sandra McCoy
Lisa Opsahl
Madeleine Said*
Julie Citren Smith

*Founding board member

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