• One Simple Yet Powerful Idea. One Transformative Gift.

    The premise of Many Hands is simple but powerful: by coming together and pooling resources, we can make a more significant and impactful donation than most can give individually.

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Latest News & Updates

  • Announcing our 2017 Grant Recipients!
    At the May 18th finale to the Many Hands 2016-2017 grantmaking cycle, members heard from the four finalist organizations: Liberty's Promise, Safe Shores, Hope and a Home, and Byte Back. We are excited to announce that Safe Shores was chosen to receive the $100,000 Many Hands grant! Our fundraising was so successful that we also…
  • 2016 Grant Recipient Reflects on Tremendous Impact of Many Hands Gift
    Mark Hecker, executive director of last year's $100,000 grant recipient, Reach Incorporated, reflects on the impact of the grant. "The gift was meant to be transformative. And, for Reach, it was," says Hecker. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your successes and highlighting the power of Many Hands' collective giving!

About Many Hands

Together We Can Make a Difference.

Many Hands is a women's grantmaking organization committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of Washington, DC area women, children, and families in need and to helping its members become well-informed donors.

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